Best Washer of 2024: Top Picks and Reviews
Best Washer 2024
Best Washer

Best Washer of 2024

Selecting the best washer ensures your laundry comes out fresh and clean with every load. The search for the best washer of 2024 considers various crucial factors such as performance, quality, and innovative features, making it easier to keep your clothes in pristine condition. From advanced wash cycles that cater to every fabric type to models that boast efficiency and time-saving capabilities, this year’s lineup of laundry machines from top manufacturers, including the elegant Persian Blue models, offers something for everyone. Deciding on the best front-load washer and dryer or a top-loading machine is more than just a purchase; it’s an investment in the longevity of your wardrobe.

This article serves as a comprehensive buying guide, presenting top picks and detailed reviews of the most exceptional washers of 2024. Whether you prioritize load capacity, seek a machine that can handle a hefty volume of clothes, or if energy efficiency and water conservation are your main concerns, there’s a model designed to meet your specific needs. We’ll explore options from renowned manufacturers, highlighting key features, performance metrics, and what makes each washer stand out. Stay tuned for insights that will simplify your buying process, ensuring you select a washing machine that fits your lifestyle and laundry demands perfectly.

GE Profile PTW900BPTRS

The GE Profile PTW900BPTRS stands out as a top contender in the best washer category for 2024, combining a sleek design with powerful functionality. Here’s a closer look at its features:

  • Key Specifications:
    • Capacity: 5.4 cubic feet, accommodating large loads with ease.
    • Dimensions: 43.88” x 27.88” x 28” (H x W x D), fitting comfortably in most laundry spaces.
    • Available Finishes: Gray and blue Sapphire, adding a touch of elegance to your laundry room.
  • Performance and Features:
    • Wash Cycles: Includes Normal, Whites, Delicates, Jeans, Towels, and more, with additional downloadable options for tailored laundry care.
    • Smart Features: Equipped with SmartHQ for remote control and notifications, Alexa integration for voice commands, and FlexDispense technology for precise detergent use.
    • Special Attributes: Features a slow-close lid, large wash drum, and SmartDispense reservoirs, enhancing convenience and efficiency.
  • User Experience:
    • Ratings: Averages 4.3 out of 5 stars across major retailers, reflecting user satisfaction.
    • Price: Available at competitive prices, with occasional discounts bringing it down to as low as $748.00.
    • Concerns: Some users noted loud operation and challenges with the Alexa integration setup.

This model represents a blend of innovation and reliability, designed to meet diverse laundry needs while ensuring optimal cleaning performance.

Whirlpool WTW8127LC

The Whirlpool WTW8127LC emerges as a standout in the 2024 lineup of top-load washers, notable for its versatility and innovative features designed to tackle laundry with efficiency and ease. Here’s an in-depth look at what sets this model apart:

  • Key Features:
    • Removable Agitator: Allows users to choose between traditional agitator and impeller wash actions, offering unmatched flexibility.
    • Capacity: Boasts a spacious 5.2 cu. ft. drum, making it ideal for handling larger loads.
    • Built-In Faucet and Scrubbing Brush: Simplifies pre-treating stains directly in the washer, enhancing stain removal capabilities.
  • Performance and Innovation:
    • Adaptive Wash Technology with Active Bloom™ Wash Action: Adjusts water levels and wash actions based on load size and type for optimal cleaning.
    • Sanitize Cycle with Oxi and Deep Water Wash Option: Offers thorough cleaning and sanitization, suitable for heavily soiled items.
    • Energy and Water Efficiency: Recognized for its energy-saving design and effective water use, reducing utility bills and environmental impact.
  • User Experience and Convenience:
    • What to Wash/How to Wash System: Simplifies cycle selection, making it easier for users to choose the right settings for their laundry.
    • Load & Go Dispenser: Adds convenience by automatically dispensing the right amount of detergent for each load.
    • Pricing and Warranty: Available for $899.99 at major retailers like Lowe’s and Best Buy, with a 1-year limited warranty providing peace of mind.

The Whirlpool WTW8127LC is not just a washing machine but a comprehensive laundry solution that combines performance, flexibility, and convenience, making it a top contender for the best washer of 2024.


The LG WT7900HBA emerges as a premier choice for those in search of the best washer of 2024, especially for large families and pet owners. Here’s why:

  • Capacity and Special Features:
    • Boasts a generous 5.5 cu. ft. capacity, accommodating hefty laundry loads with ease.
    • Features the Allergiene cycle, certified by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America (AAFA), to remove over 95% of pet dander and dust, making it ideal for families concerned about allergens.
    • Includes steam cycles and a TurboWash3D feature, which completes washes in 29 to 34 minutes—nearly twice as fast as competitors.
  • Smart Technology and User Convenience:
    • Equipped with a SlamProof soft-close lid and compatibility with the SmartThinQ app for remote control and diagnostics.
    • Supports the LG Proactive Care program, utilizing AI to monitor usage and send diagnostics to LG, alerting users to potential issues.
  • Performance and Pricing:
    • While offering above-average cleaning power, it’s noted that the Normal cycle gets laundry about 5% less clean compared to other models, with other cycles showing similar discrepancies.
    • Priced at $999.99 at Best Buy and $998.00 at Home Depot, it comes with a standard one-year warranty for parts and labor.

This washer is not just a laundry machine but a comprehensive solution for modern households, blending capacity, innovative cleaning cycles, and smart technology for enhanced convenience and efficiency.

Maytag Pet Pro MVW6500MBK

The Maytag Pet Pro MVW6500MBK is a high-efficiency top-loading washer specifically designed for pet owners, offering innovative features to tackle pet hair and stains with ease. Here are its standout attributes:

  • Key Features:
    • Pet Pro System: Includes a pet hair filter and a special wash cycle that uses extra water to effectively remove pet hair from clothes.
    • Built-in Faucet: Facilitates pre-treating stains directly over the tub, minimizing water waste.
    • Capacity and Dimensions: Boasts a 4.7 cubic feet capacity within dimensions of 57.5” x 27.5” x 27.5” (H x W x D), accommodating large, hair-covered loads.
  • Performance Insights:
    • Pet Hair Removal: Exceptional capability in removing pet hair, tested with a dog blanket coated in Bernese Mountain Dog Hair.
    • Quick Wash Cycle: Delivers clean laundry in just 31 minutes, though the Delicates Cycle may be rougher on clothes.
  • Additional Benefits:
    • Noise Level: Described as fairly quiet, with a larger filter than standard models for collecting more lint and pet hair.
    • Ease of Use: Noted for its easy setup, smaller profile, and user-friendly programming including a delay start setting.

Available in white and volcano black finishes, the Maytag Pet Pro MVW6500MBK aims to simplify laundry day for pet owners, combining efficiency, convenience, and powerful cleaning capabilities.

Best Washer

Maytag MVW7232HW

The Maytag MVW7232HW is a standout choice for those seeking the best washer of 2024, especially for larger households. This model is not only ENERGY STAR certified but also smart capable, offering a blend of efficiency and convenience with its impressive features:

  • Key Specifications:
    • Capacity: 5.3 cu. ft., perfect for handling large laundry loads.
    • Warranty: 1 year on the whole machine, with a 10-year warranty on the motor and tub, ensuring long-term reliability.
    • Color: Available in a sleek white finish, matching a variety of laundry room decors.
  • Performance and Features:
    • Cleaning Cycles: Includes Heavy Duty and Normal cycles, providing powerful cleaning performance.
    • Extra Power Option: Features a heavy-duty cycle with Extra Power for tackling tough stains.
    • Built-in Faucet: Allows for easy spot treating of stains directly in the drum, adding convenience.
  • Pricing and Availability:
    • Price: Marked down to $848.00 from its original $1149.00, offering significant savings.
    • Availability: This can be purchased at The Home Depot, with the option to select the delivery date at checkout.

The Maytag MVW7232HW combines capacity, cleaning power, and smart features, making it an excellent choice for those prioritizing efficiency and convenience in their laundry routine.

Value Picks for Every Budget

Throughout this exploration of the best washers of 2024, we have navigated through a diverse selection of models that all promise to elevate the laundry experience, catering to various preferences and needs. Key highlights range from the GE Profile PTW900BPTRS’s blend of elegance and efficiency to the innovative flexibility of the Whirlpool WTW8127LC, and the LG WT7900HBA’s supreme capacity and allergen-fighting capabilities. Each model stands out for unique reasons, be it advanced wash cycles, smart technology integration, or energy and water conservation efficiencies, illustrating the strides manufacturers continue to make in enhancing our daily chores.

As we conclude, it is evident that the journey to finding the perfect washer is highly personal, contingent upon individual requirements for capacity, efficiency, and special features like pet hair removal or allergen reduction. The implications of selecting the right washer extend beyond mere convenience, impacting the longevity of clothing, household efficiency, and overall satisfaction with the laundry process. While this guide has aimed to streamline the selection process, the onus is on consumers to weigh their options against their specific needs. As technology evolves, so too will the possibilities for making laundry an easier, more efficient task, promising exciting developments for future models.


In the realm of laundry machines, the evolution of technology and design has led to a plethora of options, each tailored to meet specific user needs. Here’s a concise overview of standout models and their defining features:

  • Innovative Solutions:
    • The GE Profile UltraFast Combo Washer & Dryer sets a new standard for efficiency, completing the entire laundry process in about 2 hours.
    • LG WashTower Laundry Center offers a compact, stackable solution without compromising capacity or functionality, ideal for space-constrained environments.
  • Specialized Performance:
    • Maytag Pet Pro MVW6500MBK excels in removing pet hair, a boon for pet owners.
    • LG 5.8 cu. ft. Mega Capacity Washer and Samsung Bespoke Smart Dial Front Load Washing Machine cater to large families and tech-savvy users, respectively, showcasing the diversity in user preferences.
  • Durability and Reliability:
    • Speed Queen Top Load TR7 Washing Machine boasts the longest warranty, reflecting its durability and the manufacturer’s confidence in its product.
    • Miele W1 TwinDos Compact Front Load Washer combines compact design with reliability, making it an excellent choice for those with limited space but unwilling to compromise on quality.

This segmentation of washing machines into categories based on innovation, specialized performance, and durability highlights the broad spectrum of options available, ensuring there’s a perfect match for every laundry need and preference.


Q: Which brand of washing machine is known for its reliability? A: The top 5 most reliable washer-dryer brands are LG, Maytag, Whirlpool, Asko, and Miele.

Q: What is the best washing machine available on the market currently? A: The Miele W1 TwinDos Compact Front Load Washer ranks as the best washing machine of 2024 based on extensive testing data.

Q: What is the most durable washer brand? A: Maytag washers are celebrated for their durability and reliability, often incorporating commercial-grade components that contribute to their longevity.